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Friday, November 26, 2021


Update, August 2023

There's no notice on the window, or mention on their website or Socials, but Gym+Coffee Galway is now closed: the shop is empty and the signs are gone.


This Irish (Dublin-based) "athleisure" ie athletics + leisure chain which was founded in 2017, opened their first Galway branch in Barrack Street / Edward Square in November 2021, on Black Friday weekend.

They're located in a modern-style two story shop unit, next to Elvery Intersports, which was previously home to Oasis clothing.

Gym+Coffee clothing includes hoodies, joggers, half-zips and beanies - basically comfortable leisurewear which won't look out of place in a cafe or gym. Their goal is to "make life richer" and their brand values include sustainability, well-being, and empowerment, and they think of their stores as "clubhouses" - with pretty much any potential customer being a "member".   There's no actual cafe on-site, but they do recommend some locally owned cafes including Espresso 44, Urban Grind, Temple, √Čan and Little Lane.

The shop has something for both the avid gym-goer as well as those who enjoy spending their lazy Sunday mornings cradling a cuppa. If there's anything we've come to appreciate over the past 18 months, it's comfortable, well-designed clothes that don't literally cost the earth.

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