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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Roosters Cafe and Farmshop - Eyre Square

Update 23 October 2023 - the cafe is closed for the winter

Update - early October 2023

A new way of working, simplified menu and shorter hours:


Original listing

Rooster's Cafe and Farm Shop softly opened the doors of their new store at 32 Eyre Square on Tuesday 3 May, 2022.

This Gort-based farmer-owned business focusses on serving and selling quality locally regionally produced foods.  There are grab-and-go meals, eat-in delicacies, farm-fresh meat cuts, and pre-prepared finish-at home meals, as well as their eat-in cafe menu.

They're in the most prominent location in the north-west corner of Eyre Square, adjacent to the former Tourist Kiosk, which was home to Cafe Express before Covid-19, and in days-gone-by Abrakebabra and other similarly auspicious late-night eateries.   This is a location which embraced outdoor eating and people watching many years before it became a necessity, and Roosters are making good use of the space, while also having an upstairs dining area which has great views over the Square.

Hours of business are likely still being worked out:  in Gort, their shop is open until 8pm, and it's likely that similar hours will be tried and work well here for the summer.

And remember this is Roosters, not to be confused with the newly opened Roost on the other side of the river, who offer a more night-time focused chicken-and-cauliflower based menu.

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Roosters, May 2022

Breakfast bap, August 2022

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