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Sunday, October 23, 2022

Prátaí, High Street


After a successful five months in High Street, Prátaí closed this "pop-up", and moved to a larger location in Shop Street.


Galway's first gourmet chip shop has graduated from being a market stall to having a full time store in High Street - which opened in the third week of October 2022.

They're in a small arch-way fronted shop in High Street, which was previously a mini-Mocha Beans - next to the incredibly popular Nana's Teas opposite Opus II music store.

The menu is simple:  proper Irish chips, locally sauced (The pun is  100% deliberate - and it's their tagline).

All you need to choose is size (big, bigger, biggest), a sauce or three (Harry's nut butter, Drummond House garlic aoili, market curry mayo, bad-boy burger sauce or white truffle kewpie mayo), seasoning (Irish sea salt or chicken salt), and an optional garnish (diced white onion, diced jalapena or parmesan).

Then spend a few second reading their sign about how 80% of the potatoes used in Irish chip-shops are imported, and how they've focussed on locally grown, hand cut chips.   And in a moment, you've got a generous cone of fresh, flavoursome hot chips. 

And if you're wondering about the name, it's the Irish-language word for potato, pronounced (roughly) pray-tee.

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