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Tuesday, November 1, 2022


This gourmet grilled-sandwich shop opened in Middle Street at the end of October 2022 - just in time for Halloween! It's been set up by two local chefs, who have a reputation for great food and a love of the food industry.

They're based in the small shop that was previously Marmalade Bakery and before that the Oven Door - between Fat Tony's and Helen Walsh Opticians, directly opposite River Deep Mountain High. The colour scheme is a simple, clean black with bright yellow highlights to make it look alluring.

There's no space for seating indoors, so this is basically a take-away operation, with a couple of outdoor tables for the rare sunny days. There's also a bright yellow metal bench, cleverly fitted into the storefront, which makes an excellent seat for anyone who doesn't need a table.

The menu is simple and flavoursome: core items are chef-designed sandwiches on sourdough, buttered and melted to order. These have clever names, but are built around the grilled-sandwich stables of cheese, ham, and chicken, with interesting flavours including red-onion relish, house sauce, blue cheese and goats cheese. There are the are accompanying dip choices (garlic mayo, honey buffalo, jalapeno mayo, pesto mayo, Siracha mayo). And there's a child sized ham-and-cheese sandwich too, as well as gluten free and vegan options - hopefully there'll be more detail about these on the menu soon.

The drinks range includes all the expected coffees, and an excellent range of not-coffees too (hot-chocolate, chi, matcha, turmeric and beetroot lattes, tea and specialty tea). Desserts are very generously proportioned New York style cookies, brownies, blondes and cinnamon buns - sold individually or in boxes of 4 or 6.  And there are some lovely extras, including 
Marmalade's wickedly good coffee cake.

They're planning to open 7 days a week, from 8am for coffee with sandwiches starting at 10am, and closing at 4pm.

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Address:     3 Middle Street

Phone:  091 156 1784

The G.O.A.T.

Photo of Meltd (pronounced melted) sandwich shop in Galway city - with two picnic style tables outside, and a solid bright yellow ledge which can be used as a seat.

Melted grilled sandwich shop opening menu - drinks, melts an desserts which are like Subway cookies on steroids

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