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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Cookes Restaurant and Wine Bar


Cookes Restaurant closed for good after Halloween 2022.

Cookes Restaurant  28 Upper Abbeygate Street  Enquiries:  087 211 9597  The Cooke family would like to thank our loyal customers for all their support over the last 22 years.  But all good things come to an end, especially during these trying times. With Covid, energy costs, food costs, and especially staff shortages, we have come to a decision to close the restaurant.   It has been a wonderful experience and we will look back on this period in future years with nostalga.  I aslo wish to thank all the different staff we have had through the years.  Ghur a maith agat and Slan Leat Peggy Cooke
Cookes Restaurant Galway - farewell and closing notice

About Cookes 

This city-centre restaurant, and previously wine-bar, has been a firm favourite of Galway families and visitors since the turn of the century.

Located in Upper Abbeygate Street, they are the landmark in this part of town, in a stone building which really shows off its heritage.   Be careful though, this is Cooke's Restaurant, not Cooke's corner (that's in Shantalla).

For many years a family owned and operated restaurant, and sometime wine-bar, they serve a menu featuring classic but stylish dishes, prepared incredibly well - providing a great location for graduation celebrations, intimate dinners for two and everything in between.   

Cookes were one of the first full-service restaurants to offer eat-at-home options during Covid - their menu form this time gives a good idea of their style of food, of course adapted  for easy transport

Their building is incredibly picturesque, as well as historic.  It has the best outdoor dining area in town on their rooftop patio, and a great front window which they regularly decorate for the season.

Closed on Mondays.

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Remnants of the wine-bar sign, in 2019

The front window as an advertising display board, when click-and-collect was a new thing in mid-2020

Outdoor dining in 2019, before it became passé!

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