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Monday, December 26, 2022


The first new pub in Galway since MP Walsh's, Tigín opened in Galway's historic Woodquay in mid-December 2022, right in time for the Christmas season.

It's one of the smallest bars in the area, most recently known as the Lough Inn and before that for a long time as the Central Bar.   It's in a great location, in between the trendy Caribou and the rather more traditional Joe Greene Menswear - with accessible parking right at the door.  

This time around, the exteriot decor is a classy dark-green/grey with lots of gleamingwood inside, and it's under the very experienced management who also run the Cellar bar in Eglinton Street - so shaping up to be a traditional pub well worth a visit.

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Tígín - a new bar in Galway city, shortly before opening day

Tigin - a new bar in Galway city, shortly before opening day
Tigín shortly before opening day

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