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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Bridie Murphy's, Eyre Street

Update - April 2024

Bridie Eyre Street are on a break again:

Update - September 2023

Bridie Murphy's Eyre Street is back open again  looking better than ever.


From approx May / June 2023, this shop has been displaying a "closed for now" sign. Fittings are still in place but there's no food on-site.

In early July they were promising to be back, and advertising for staff.


This locally owned artisan bakery and cafe, which is a sister-shop to Bridie Murphy's Mainguard Street,  opened on Friday 26 Jan 2023.

They're in Eyre Street, near the bottom of the hill on the corner of St Brendan's Avenue - roughly opposite The Hole in the Wall, and just around the corner from Woodquay.

This shop has been extensively renovated, and previously the home of Stitches alterations, who have moved up the hill.   There's no space for ourtoor seating, but a nice seating area at the front of the cafe with wooden furniture which is sympathetic to the building.

Products include the same fabulous breads, scones and cakes made in their local bakery - and some interesting new ones that they now have display apace for.

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Bridie Murphy's, February 2023

Making the final touches to Bridie Murphys Eyre Street, just before opening day

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