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Thursday, July 6, 2023

Sweaty Betty

This UK-based international women's activewear and lifestyle brand opened their first Galway city store on 6 July 2003.

They're located at 2-3 Middle Street, in the unit which was most-recently Scrumdiddly's Icecreams, but has had lots of tenants over the years, including Amnesty International and a cup-cake cafe.  Other new businesses in the area include Sadie Cramner Art & Design, and Meltd Grilled Sandwiches.

The shop has had a thorough re-fit with features like changing rooms and a multi-area sales-floor fitted, along with upgraded lighting.

Their products include leggings, sports bras, workout vests, t-shirts, hoodies, yoga-pants, jumpsuits, shorts and trousers, swimwear and casual/holiday clothing are very definitely priced for quality, along with their range of accessories which includes shoes/trainers, sandals, yoga mats, socks, gym-bags, training wraps, scarves, fitness equipment, and more.

Their stated goal is to empower all women through fitness.

Open seven days a week: the initial plan is 9:30am - 6pm Monday thru Saturday, and 11am-5:30pm on Sundays.

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Opening day for Sweaty Betty in Galway - 7 July 2023

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