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Thursday, November 2, 2023

Smash Bird

This lurid flouro-pink takeaway chicken-and-more shop is casting Dominick Street in a whole new light. Nestled in between the classy Plámás coffee-shop and the down-to-earth Giovanni's chipper, they are an eye-catching addition to Galway's West End, with premises designed by Galway artist, Tracey Moca.

Officially opened on 1 November 2023, the doors were open the weekend before at least to tease Halloween visitors to the city.

Located in Lower Dominick Street, in the same place where Roost used to be, this fast-food store is taking chicken to new levels - in the spirit of Birdhouse and Dawghouse (which just happen to be run by the same people.

The menu features burgers (mostly buttermilk fried chicken, with one beef option, chicken wings and popcorn-chicken options, "dawgs" (hotdogs) and vegan "junk" which means Brassica Burger, Dirty Secret, Dominick-Trix Dawg, The Stray, Creole Corn, and Miso Maple corn.   There are also some interesting-sounding sides (french-fries, tater hashers, halloumi fries, disco fries, garlic-butter parmesan fries, tagarashi fried, cabbage fritter, Asian slaw and pickles).  And sauces offering all these flavours and more.

Hours to start with

Wed-Thurs,  5 - 10pm 

Fri-Sun, 5pm - midnight

Order on-line for collection 

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"feed me fries and tell me I'm pretty" in flourescent pink neon in a Galway city chicken / fastfood joint.

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