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Sunday, December 31, 2023

Corner Express

This 21st century corner store opened in late December 2023.

It's located in Corner House in Woodquay, at the very bottom of Eyre Street - opposite McSwiggans and just around the corner from Bridie Murphy's second cafe, in the premises that used to be Hughes Opticians (before Hughes merged with Kelly Optical in Middle Street earlier in the year).

Products are pretty much what it states on the signs, coffee (maybe not so much of this), candies (sweets), fizzy drinks (ie minerals), vapes and phones (actually phone fixing and accessories - this section is quite small).  No newspapers, bread or milk!

Days and hours are to-be-advised, and they have no social media pages so far.

Address:     37 Woodquay, Galway, H91 FW10

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