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Saturday, May 4, 2024

Charcoal Grill, Quay Street

This very-central branch of Galway's favourite burgers and kebabs show opened in the first week of May 2024, just in time for the bank-holiday weekend.

They're in a heritage building located at 7 Quay Street, which was the previous home to Ember Firehouse and before that the short-lived Galway Oyster Bar, and before Covid was Riordan's traditional restaurant.   This is in between Heart In Hands jewellers and the incredibly popular Xi'an Chinese restaurant - and around the corner from the original Charcoal Grill which closed in late-ish 2023.

There's some outdoor seating where you can be right in thick of Quay Street, and probably some more upstairs too.   The outdoor area has brand new "walls" and a new retractable canopy, too.  Downstairs the colour scheme is TCG's classic bright red and dark green, but they've kept the interesting paint job upstairs.

Menu is the classic dishes that they do best:   kebabs, wraps, burgers and chips.

Opening hours are TBA, but certain to include late nights.

No social media yet.

Opening weekend - everything is bright and shiny new

A few days before opening:  the classic TCG sign is up, but the delivery bicycle are still filling the outside area

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