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Friday, June 28, 2024

ithe Smashburgers

This new burger restaurant opened in the last week of June 2024.

They're located at 8 Quay Street, in a premises that was previously Sliders, across the street from the city's newest Charcoal Grill.   It's had a vibrant deep-green paint job, and some work done inside too.

Open seven days a week

Opening hours: 12-noon until 2am the next morning.  

The menu is simple:  burgers (double, triple, bacon and vegetarian options - the first three including American cheese, onions and special sauce), and loaded chips aka fries / praitai (flavour options include lightly salted, pepperoni, curry, and garlic cheese-and-bacon.).   Single-patty burgers are only available as part of a meal-deal (burger, pratai and a drink).  Plus various drinks, sauces et al.

Their name "ithe" is the Irish-language word for "eat".

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