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Sunday, June 30, 2024

Lovisa, William Street

Lovisa, the Australian fast-fashion jewellery store chain which aims to "bring brilliantly affordable, on-trend jewellery to the WORLD", opened their first Galway city shop on 30 June 2024.

They're in William Street (i.e. just above Shop Street), in Galway's "Jeweller's Quarter", with Pandora, Hartmanns, Lazlo, Fallers and McCarthy's having stores close by.  The unit was occupied by The Body Shop until earlier in 2024, and has great natural light - renovations have included some work upstairs / at the back of the unit, presumably to provide space for their more-intimate services!

They have a range of jewellery and  accessories.  Piercing services include cartilage, helix piercings, belly rings, noes, flat backs, barbells, clickers rings, nipples, titanium piercings, and even fake piercings - and some are free.

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