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Sunday, June 2, 2024

Aryan Pizzeria, Abbeygate Street

This optimistic pizzeria opened in late May 2024, initially in “trial mode” and accepting cash only but by the June bank holiday weekend everything was working fully

They're located at 20 Abbeygate Street Lower, next-door to BakeBox, in a restaurant which was most-recently home to the unfortunately-named Tummy Time. This time around it's only had a small refurbishment with a more open seating area and some interesting wall-displays making for more attractive interior.

The menu is simple: Pizza, including all the usual favourites (Margherita, Hawaiian, peperoni, meat-lover, American-hot), with a plus version of the peperoni and a bacon-lover pizza as well. Burgers (beef, double-beef, beef with special sauce, chicken, veggie), and sides including tacos, curry-cheese, garlic-cheese, chicken goujons and nuggets, BBQ and spicy wings, garlic mushrooms and mozzarella sticks. The menu also includes cod and chips, falafel, and green salads.

Open until 8pm.

Available via Deliveroo, as well as for collection and dine-in (inside dining only).

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Phone: (091) 707 868



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