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Restaurants that were open in Galway City

This is a list of restaurants in Galway that were open just before 21 October 2020, but which are now (temporarily we hope) closed.

From 26 July 2021, indoor dining is allowed for fully vaccinated people - with certain requirements around showing digital certificates and photo ID, as well as providing details for contact tracking.
From outdoor dining is allowed.

From Wednesday 7 October 2020, pubs, cafes and restaurants are allowed to serve on a takeaway / deliver basis, or up to 15 people e at at a time provided they are - and they must be seated outside.  Inside service is allowed only for hotel residents. 

Until 29 June 20202, only restaurants offering takeaway food were allowed to open.
Even then, many required you to pre-order on-line. 

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Emperor City (Chinese) in Dominick St

Open from l April 2029 - takeaways only.
Closed from late 2020.

Galway Oyster House in Quay Street 

Opened in April 2021, and closed again by September.  Read more ...

Galway Summer Garden

Located at the old driving range beside Galway caravan park, this tent- based socially-distanced party venue opens on 11 Jul, and closed for the season at the start of October.

Istanbul Street Foods (Turkish) in Eglinton Street

Open from June 2021, initially for takeaway and limited outside dining.  Read more ...
From October 2021 - closed again, and under refurbishment.

U Loitru (Sicilian) in Lower Abbeygate St 

Open at weekends for take away and delivery from Friday 15 May 2020 then back to normal by July.
Open for takeaway only from Wednesday 7 October 2020, and for eat-in in December.  Closed from 24 December 2020.
Open for takeaway only from mid-May 2021.

Permanently closed (in this location) from 1 January 2022.

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