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Sunday, December 24, 2023

What's open on St Stephen's Day 2023

The day after Christmas Day is called Saint Stephen's Day, or now just Stephen's Day, in Ireland. 

Traditionally, shops, cafes/restaurants and pubs in Galway city-centre do not open, or only open for a few hours late in the afternoon on Stephen's Day.   But some places do open earlier, or for longer.

This an open-and-closed-on-Stephen's Day list for Galway City.   

It's a work-in-progress, and will be live-updated on the day.


(See Pubs in Galway for the list of all current bars/pubs)

Open, or have announced they are opening

Barr An Chaladh - trad session at 4:30pm
Busker Browne's - bar open and serving food from 12-noon
Christmas Market beer tent, open from 12-noon (until 31 December only)
Hardiman - from 3pm
Hole in the Wall
Hughes in Woodquay
Massimo - from 7pm
Sally Longs
Sliding Rock - bar open, kitchen closed
The Dáil - open from midday, serving food 12-7pm
The Front Door - bar open and serving food from 12-noon
The Oslo - open from 12-noon to 11:30pm
The Skeff - bar and serving food from 4pm
The Quays - bar from 3pm, but the kitchen is closed
Tonery's, Bohermore 

Not open when visited - no announcement

Bunch of Grapes
Dew Drop 
Mary Mullens

Pubs that announced that they are not opening on Stephen's Day 2023

4 Aces Dominick St, re-opening on the 27th 
An Pucan - opening 1pm on the 27th
Barnacles in Salthill, open from 3pm on the 27th
Blakes, re-opening on the 27th
Buddha Bar
Carrolls, re-opening on the 27th
Eyre Square Hotel- re-opening on the 27th
Fibber McGees
Harry's - re-opening at 3pm on the 27th
Imperial     re-opening at 3pm on the 27th 
John Keogh's 
McGinns - re-opening at 12-noon on the 27th
MP Walsh
Murty Rabbits
Nova, re-opening on the 27th
Queen Street,  re-opening in the 27th
O' Connells, re-opening on the 28th at 6pm
Taylors, back on the 27th 
The Kings Head
The Ol' 55, re-opening on the 27th
Thirteen on the Green - re-opening on the 29th 
Tigh Neachtain
Trappers Inn re-opening on the 27th at 8am
Western - re-opening on the 28th

Cafes / Restaurants

Open, or have announced they are opening on St Stephens's Day 2023

(See Cafes in Galway for the full list of possible cafes)

Apache Pizza in Dominick Street from 2pm
Cafe Express 
Charcoal Grill,  Prospect Hill and Mary Street 
Chili Shack
Ciarlantini Shop Street
Ciarlantini Woodquay
Deely's in Mainguard Street from 8am!
Gatto Rosso - from 1pm
Gino's Gelato
High Cafe
Hungry Eyes from 12-noon
King Ding in Rahoon - normal hours
Mona Lisa in Dominick Street - from 5:30pm
Murphys icecreams
Over the Moon
Osteria Simone 
Shake Dog,  Prospect Hill 
Spice India,  from 4pm
Supermacs - Eyre Square and Galway Shopping Centre from 12-noon
The Creamery
The Hidden, Riverside
Yummy Wok

Cafes / restaurants that have announced that they are not opening on Stephen's Day 2023

56 Central, reopens 10am on the 27th
An Tobar   re-opening on 9th  January 
Asian Teahouse
BakeBox - re-opening 8:30am on the 27th
Bare Pantry, Dominick St,  re-opening on the 27th 
BóTown burgers, re-opening on the 27th 
Brazco (all locations), re-opening on the 28th
Bridie Murphy's  - closed until 2 January 
Bubble Bee - re-opening on the 27th
Cafe Roscoe - re-opening on 2 January 
Corrib House, re-opening on 5 January
Da Silva, reopens on the 27th
Dough Bros reopens on the 28th
Espresso 44 - re-opening on the 27th
Esquires - re-opening on 3 January 
Galleon Salthill, reopens 11am on the 27th 
GBC - re-opening on the 27th
Golden Rikshaw - re-opening on the 27th
Gourmet Food Parlour- re-opening on the 27th
Gourmet Tart -  re-opening 7am on January 8th
Greens & Co - re-opening on 28 December
Java, reopens on the 27th
Jungle Cafe Prospect Hill,  closed til 2 January 
Kai, re-opening on 2 January 
Kali in Salthill, reopens on the 29th 
Kashmir, re-opening on  the 27th
La Petit Delice - re-opening on 27 December
LanaThai in Mary Street 
Lighthouse - re-opening around noon on the 27th 
Little Lane,  re-opening on the 28th
Magpie, re-opening on 4 January 
Martines, re-opening on the 27th at 4pm
Monroes, PizzaPizza re-opening on the 27th
O'Connors Bakery, reopens on the 28th
Osaka in Salthill
Papa Rich Woodquay,  reopens on the 27th
Pasta Factory, reopens on 10 January
Pizza Pasta Napoli, reopen from 27th to the 30th, then closed until 23rd  January 
Plámás, re-opening on the 27th
Prátai, re-opening on the 29th
McDonagh's fish and chips, re-opening on the 27th
Meltd, re-opening on the 27th
Quay Street Kitchen re-opening on the 27th at 5pm
Renzo re-opening on the 27th 
Revive re-opening on the 27th 9am-3pm
Roots, Shop Street,  re-opening on the 27th
Rouge re-opening on the 27th 
Scran Bohermore,  back on 4 January
Trieste, re-opening on the 28th
Truffle,  re-opening on the 27th
Tummy Time - re-opening on the 27th 
Urban Grind - re-openingon 28 December
Woozza Pizza - takeaway in Dominick Street and restaurant in Middle Street, back on the 27th 
Zappi's reopens on the 27th 


Open, or have announced they are opening on St Stephens's Day 2023

Asiatic Foodstore
Tesco - all stores opening from 10am -  6pm.

Not open, or have announced they are not opening on St Stephens's Day 2023

Aldi - all stores
Dunnes Stores - Eyre Square (and probably all stores)
Lidl - all stores

Other shops

Open, or have announced they are opening on St Stephens's Day 2023

A Look
Anthony Ryans - open from 11am
Aran Sweater Mart 
Born in Galway Shopping Centre from 12-noon
Art and Hobby 
Body Shop
Born Fashions - men's and womens in Eyre Square Shopping Centre 
Boots Pharmacy Galway Shopping Centre  11am, Shop St from 11:30am
Brown Thomas
Carrolls Gifts
CEX Games
Corner Express, Woodquay 
Curry's, Galway Retail Park 
DV8 Clothing
ECig,  Eglinton Street 
Hanley Menswear 
Holland and Barrett, from 11am
Hugmie, Eyre Square and Galway Shopping Centre 
IT Star
Jack and Jones 
JD Sports
La Despensa 
Londis Newcastle - including the food hall, open 24x7 
Monaghan's Centra, Raven's Tce - 7am to 10pm
Name It
O'Brien's Newsagents
Pandora Jewellery
Pennys Galway Shopping Centre and Eyre Square Shopping Centre open from 11am
Rainbow Gift
Remus Umo
River Island from 11am
Spar Mainguard Street,  from 11am 
Vero Moda 
Tommy Hilfiger
Weavers of Ireland 
Yankee Candles 

Have announced that they are not opening on Stephen's Day 2023

Allora Shoes, back on the 27th
Aplomb Menswear,  reopens 9 January 
Blacoe jewellery,  back on the 29th 
Center Jewellers reopens on the 27th
Centra Forster St, back on the 27th 
Charlie Burns
Eason,  back on the 27th 
Ernie Greengrocer, back on the 29th 
Euro Giant Mainguard St, back on the 27th 
Evergreen, Mainguard St,  back on the 28th
Fallers Jewellers, back on the 28th 
Filling Station, reopens on 4 January 
Finnerty Butchers, reopens on the 29th
Harper Fashions, back on the 27th 
Halfords, open on the 27th
Hickey Meats  reopens 10am on the 28th
Hollands Newsagent 
Mishnóc, back on the 28th
Number 10 Newsagents, back on the 27th 
Oxfam, back on the 27th
Q23 Menswear reopens on the 27th 
Right Price Ink, back on the 28th
Sweater Shop, back on the 27th 
Woodies, open on the 27th
Yours Fashions reopens on the 27th 

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