What's open in Galway?

As the effects of Covid-19 were felt in Ireland, many businesses closed temporarily.

Some found ways to stay open within public-health guidelines.
More will re-open as the guidelines are adjusted.

This website has information about businesses in Galway that are open - either to customers face-to-face, or actively working on-line. 

It is organised into these categories:

Categories which may be added later, as information becomes available, include


These pages based on information collected by Galway.Staff-Wanted and other reliable sources, advertising and social media posts from consumer business (especially ones that have been likely advertise "staff-wanted" jobs on-line). The idea is to provide wide-ranging information about what is available, and to support local businesses.

This is a very fluid time for businesses: most are open for limited days or hours, many have had to make big changes to how they operate. Every effort will be made to keep this site current, but it's almost certain that some things will be out of date.

To submit an update or list a new business, please email info@OpenInGalway.com

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Photo gallery

A montage of photos of businesses in Galway city which were first to open following the Covid-19 closedown

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